10 DIY Strategies to Treat Vaginal Dryness Naturally

10 DIY Strategies to Treat Vaginal Dryness Naturally

Vaginal dryness is something most women have to deal with at some point in life. It’s a common problem, but many women feel embarrassed about disclosing it to their doctor, leaving them undiagnosed and untreated. 

Vaginal dryness can ruin your quality of life. It makes sex uncomfortable, and the burning and itching sensations can drive you crazy with frustration. The cervical gland is responsible for secreting natural lubricants to the vaginal walls during intercourse. 


What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

In most cases, vaginal dryness is the result of hormone imbalance. The female reproductive system relies on estrogen to maintain optimal health and function. 

Menopause and medications can interfere with the normal estrogen production, leading to a deficiency that results in vaginal dryness. That’s why vaginal dryness is most common in women in their 50s.

There are several other reasons why you might develop this condition: 

  • Breastfeeding and childbirth
  • HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or birth control medication 
  • Hysterectomy
  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Anti-depressant or antihistamine medications
  • Sjogren’s syndrome (an auto-immune disorder)
  • Douching the vagina

If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, it’s important to speak to your doctor. If left untreated, vaginal dryness can lead to infection and disease, causing huge health complications. Please don’t be embarrassed about consulting with your physician; they’ve seen it all before and are there to help you.


DIY Strategies to Treat Vaginal Dryness Naturally

So, how do you resolve vaginal dryness? Is there hope for your sexual health? Or will you have to learn to live with it? 

When most women experience symptoms of vaginal dryness and menopause, they speak to their doctor about “Hormone Replacement Therapy” (HRT). HRT corrects the imbalance, resolving the vaginal dryness. 

However, HRT isn’t a risk-free solution. You could experience side effects from the medication. If HRT isn’t for you, you can use natural moisturizers and lubricants to help you manage vaginal dryness.

Here are 10 DIY fixes for vaginal dryness


#1 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  

Extra virgin coconut oil is one of the most popular natural lubricants. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, protecting the vagina from irritation and swelling while eliminating harmful pathogens that cause infections. 

The unrefined extra-virgin variety has a light coconut smell. If you prefer an unscented oil, look for the filtered version. However, the filtering process removes many of the beneficial micronutrients in the oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Work some of it between your fingers, turning it into a liquid that’s easy to apply. 


#2 Almond Oil  

Almond oil is another hydrating compound with benefits for skin health. This oil is non-toxic and organic, making it a suitable personal lubricant. Apply the oil internally and externally to experience relief from vaginal dryness. 


#3 Soy Oil

Soy is a natural source of estrogen and is beneficial for women as a personal lubricant. Supplementing with this oil can reduce symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness. However, please don’t use it during intercourse, as the estrogen in the soy can interfere with male hormone production. 


#4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Olive oil contains high concentrations of vitamin E. This nutrient has powerful hydrating properties for the skin and vagina, improving tissue hydration and water retention. Olive oil isn’t suitable for everyone and may cause irritation in some cases.

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties from the polyphenol antioxidants. These polyphenols relieve the discomfort and pain associated with sexual intercourse and vaginal dryness. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t use olive oil as a lubricant when using silicone sex toys. The oil will degrade the surface of the toy.


#5 Increase Arousal with Foreplay

Before you rush to buy moisturizers and lotions to resolve vaginal dryness, try extending your foreplay in the bedroom. Foreplay helps to increase arousal and moisturize the vagina.


#6 Vaginal Moisturizers  

There are internal and external moisturizing formulas to help you soothe the irritation associated with vaginal dryness. Moisturizers lock in hydration and provide relief against irritation. Internal moisturizers are inserted inside the vagina using an applicator. External moisturizers are suitable for moisturizing the vulva.


#7 Silicone-Based Lubricant

Silicone lubricants are the gold standard for personal lubes. It offers the longest-lasting performance and even works in water. However, if you’re using a silicone-based sex toy, you’ll need to use a water-based lubricant, as silicone can damage the surface of the toy. 

Silicone lubricants don’t dry up; they require wiping and cleaning for effective removal. It’s a good choice for women with vaginal dryness because the vagina takes a few days to excrete the silicone, giving lasting relief from dryness. 


#8 Water-Based Sex Lubricant 

Some people might not enjoy silicone-based lubricants. They’re messy and require cleaning after use. Silicone, as mentioned, isn’t suitable for use on some sex toys as it degrades the surface and ruins the toy. 

If that’s the case for you, water-based products are available as an alternative. They don’t offer the same longevity as silicone products and require frequent application, especially if you prefer longer sexual interactions with your partner. 


#9 Avoid Scented Oils and Lotions

Don’t buy scented oils and lotions to stop vaginal dryness. The chemicals used to produce the scent can exacerbate symptoms of irritation. Always use perfume-free lotions and oils to avoid complications. Scented oils and creams can actually cause vaginal dryness, so eliminate them from your routine. 


#10 Try Lubracil for Sustainable Relief from Vaginal Dryness

Lubracil is a proprietary supplement tailored to prevent and resolve vaginal dryness. Unlike the other solutions on this list, Lubracil isn’t a topical product. Lubracil is a soft gel capsule you take twice daily. It contains the ingredient “sea buckthorn” (SBO17), which naturally improves vaginal lubrication. 

All it takes is two capsules daily, and your vaginal dryness disappears in a few weeks and stays away. You get a sustainable solution to the issues without using topical lubricants that only provide temporary relief. 

Lubracil works all day, alleviating dryness, itching, burning, and irritation symptoms. It’s cost-effective and a permanent solution to vaginal dryness. Try Lubracil and experience the hydrating and moisturizing effect of this women’s sexual health supplement. 


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