5 Reasons You Can't Orgasm and What to Do About It

5 Reasons You Can't Orgasm and What to Do About It

Are you unable to reach orgasm and feel frustrated about it? Female sexual pleasure is not always easy to achieve.​ From biological influences to emotional responses, there are several reasons why you might be struggling to climax.​ Here are five potential explanations and solutions taken from scientific and medical research.​

First, a lack of arousal could be the culprit.​ Your body needs to be aroused in order to experience pleasure.​ If you rush into intercourse without generating enough physical arousal first, your chances of coming are slim.​ Feeling good in the moment and concentrated on the physical sensations of pleasure are key to having an orgasm.​ To ignite arousal, you can try different activities such as using stimulating products, adding novelty to your foreplay routine, or enjoying some of your favorite fantasies.​

Second, a hormonal imbalance may be at play.​ Estrogen, testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin, and other hormones all have an impact on your sensitivity and ability to orgasm.​ If these hormones are out of balance, or if levels are too low, you may struggle to orgasm.​ Your healthcare provider can do some tests to check if your hormones are normal.​If there is an imbalance, you can consider natural supplements, lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise and reducing stress, and hormonal drugs to bring everything back in control.​

Third, relationship issues can be a factor.​ Your environment and the mental state you’re in play a role in your sexual pleasure.​ If you struggle with unresolved or deep-seated issues in your relationship, they can interfere with your ability to orgasm.​ If this is something you are dealing with, consider counseling, open communication with your partner, and a gradual approach to your sexual relationship.​ Knowing that you and your partner are emotionally in sync could make it easier for you to let go and climax.​

Fourth, anxiety and depression can interrupt your pleasure.​ If you have a heightened level of stress, are feeling depressed, or trying to cope with an underlying mental health condition, your focus may be away from your orgasm, making it difficult to come.​ To help balance both your physical and mental well-being, you can focus on physical activity, relaxation methods such as yoga, breathing exercises or mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.​

Fifth, pelvic floor isues make it harder to climax.​ If you are dealing with a weak pelvic floor, it will be harder for your body to reach the peak of pleasure.​ Pelvic floor exercises could help you strengthen these muscles and increase your chances of climaxing.​ You can start with basic exercises such as Kegels and move on to yoga poses that involve active contraction of your pelvic floor muscles.​

Examine Your Relationship

When it comes to orgasming, relationship dynamics should also be taken into account.​ If you feel anxiety about your relationship with a partner, if it is not emotionally healthy, or if your sex life is predictable or uninspiring, it could affect the intensity of your orgasm or even your orgasms altogether.​

A common issue that can contribute to lack of orgasm is difficulty communicating about sex.​ If you don't feel comfortable discussing your pleasure with your partner, they might not even know how to please you.​ Having those tough conversations may not be easy, but it will help create a connection and trust between you and your partner as well as work towards your pleasure.​

Another issue is sexual incompatibility.​ Maybe you and your partner's needs are different or one of you is not satisfied with the frequency of intercourse.​ If this is the case, good communication is essential. ​Discussing expectations and preferences, as well as exploring fantasies and making out-of-the-box plans together could bring back the desired intimacy in your relationship.​

Finally, it's important to consider past trauma or emotionally hurtful situations that could resurface when you're in a healthy relationship.​ Those memories can have an impact on your pleasure.​ If you think trauma might be impacting your sex life, speaking to a qualified therapist could be beneficial.​

Change Your Mindset

women meditating to change mindset

Your mental state and attitude can also have an impact on your ability to orgasm.​ Not feeling comfortable with your body or sexuality can lead to tension that stops your body from reaching its climax.​ Working on breaking down mental barriers and eliminating stigmas around sexuality could help you to enjoy sex and find pleasure more easily.​

Studies suggest adopting a more accepting attitude towards your second-guessing mind is also beneficial for sexual pleasure. ​If you're trying to expect something that hasn't become reality yet, that can be a source of stress.​ Sometimes it might be best to just enjoy the moment without thinking of the outcome.​ Letting your sensuality thrive and surrendering to the sensations you feel can lead to you experiencing pleasure.​

A positive optimistic attitude can also make it easier to orgasm.​ Seeing sex as a symbol of connection and pleasure with a partner can help create a healthy sexual mindset.​ Tested methods such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises can also help you release tension and focus on the physical sensation.​

Explore Your Body

explore your body sensation serum

Discovering the areas of your body that make you feel pleasure is key for climaxing. ​If you're aware of the areas that arouse you and the specific kind of touch or pressure that make you experience pleasure, it will be easier to get aroused and reach orgasm.​

Masturbation is a great way to help you explore your body.​ It can be done with the use of sex toys that can target erogenous areas and generate more intense orgasms.​ Carving out enough time for you to do it in a relaxed environment and getting to know your own body will make your pleasure more enjoyable.​

Exploring yourself can also help to recognize what you don't enjoy.​ If when masturbating, you come across sensations that don't bring pleasure, then you can communicate it to your partner during intercourse and attempt to avoid any pressure that's not pleasant for you.​

Find What Works For You

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Orgasm is not an easy task for everyone.​ It's important to take into account the many external and internal variables that come into play.​What works for some people might not work for others.​ Therefore, it is important to find the best strategies for you to maximize your pleasure by experimenting and listening to your body.​

Stimulating methods could give you better chances of climaxing. ​From trying different kinds of sexual positions to using physical aids such as toys, lubricants, nipple clamps, or vibrators, you can find a combination that works for you and your partner.​

You can also choose to try different kinds of sex such as oral sex or anal sex, as they can help increase the pleasure and orgasms of all partners.​Recognizing new forms of pleasure can also create a connection with yourself and your partner, as well as increase the level of satisfaction.​

Seek Professional Help

If you give it a try but still cannot reach orgasm, seeking professional help might be the right decision.​ A sex therapist can assess your needs and emotional and physical responses, and give specific advice on what to do.​ A healthcare provider can also evaluate any biological impediment that might be in the way of your pleasure.​

Doing research about your body and sexual pleasure could also give you insights to discover what works best for you.​ There are valuable online sources that can provide education on sexual anatomy or describe sexual techniques and experiences.​

By getting informed and identifying potential barriers, as well as finding the best tips to increase your orgasm, you can reach ultimate pleasure. Take your time and listen to your body. You should not pressure yourself and just enjoy the journey.​

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