The Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for Symptomatic Management of Vaginal Atrophy

Estrogen therapy is a highly effective application for patients suffering from the symptomatology associated with vaginal atrophy.​ By replacing hormones which become depleted due to aging or illness, estrogen therapy can relieve discomfort, improve overall sexual health, and slow the development of some chronic conditions that can result from the condition.​ The pros and cons of this treatment are comprehensive and should be carefully considered by those who may be considering it.​

As menopause progresses, hormone levels decrease, leading to a decrease in the production of secretions by the vaginal walls which can lead to pain or discomfort.​ Estrogen therapy helps the body to produce sufficient amounts of lubrication, decreasing dryness and pain or discomfort and aiding in the resiliency of the skin in the vaginal area.​ This can restore comfort during sex and reduce the friction from insertion of a tampon that can occur due to dryness.​ Patents can also benefit from this treatment because it can improve libido and may provide additional benefits such as improving vaginal tone, reducing urinary tract infections and improving the tone and elasticity of the urinary channel.​

Essentially, estrogen therapy helps to reestablish the natural balance of the body, enabling it to recover some of the balance lost due to external influences such as aging or systemic illnesses.​ By taking this into account, the risk of vaginal atrophy increases, as does the need to address the condition, as it becomes more likely for postmenopausal women to develop the condition.​

Expert opinion from professionals such as gynecologists, endocrinologists and infertility specialists show that addressing vaginal atrophy with estrogen therapy is essential for preventive measures.​ The fact that a decrease in estrogen production can result in a net increased risk of developing some types of cancers such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer, shows the importance of addressing the condition through estrogen therapy.​

This treatment should be weighed against potential side effects and the possibility of developing certain types of cancers.​ Estrogen therapy has side effects such as nausea, bloating, headaches, and breast tenderness, and can also increase the risk of blood clots.​ It is also important to understand that this type of therapy is not intended to be used as a sole form of treatment for any kind of diseases, but rather is a supplement to address symptoms.​ This treatment is not, under any circumstances, to be used as a form of fertility treatment or to replace any other medical treatments that are being used for chronic, life-threatening conditions such as cancer.​

In conclusion, it is important for potential patients to have a full understanding of the pros and cons of estrogen therapy.​ In addition to relieving discomfort associated with vaginal atrophy, the treatment can have additional benefits such as restoring libido and promoting vaginal health.​ However, it is important to consider the side effects and additional risks that can come from using this type of therapy.​ Consult a doctor to find out if estrogen therapy is right for you.​

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