The Mental Health Struggles Caused by Vaginal Dryness

The Mental Health Struggles Caused by Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness causes severe irritation, burning sensations, and itching. It’s uncomfortable to live with and affects your sex life. Women afflicted with this condition often turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to alleviate their vaginal dryness and restore normal hormonal balance.

However, HRT doesn’t suit all women; they might respond adversely to the medication. As a result, they have no other option but to seek alternative therapies.


What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

There are several causes of vaginal dryness, the most prominent being menopause. Menopause signals the end of fertility and childbearing and the start of your senior years. However, menopause isn’t alone in causing vaginal dryness.

Hormone imbalances, lifestyle choices, and infection can all cause the onset of vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, only around 4% of women seek treatment for the problem, leaving the bulk of women to figure it out for themselves.

Vaginal dryness isn’t only a physiological issue; it can have lasting mental health implications. Here are some mental health problems women face when experiencing vaginal dryness.



When vaginal dryness first appears, it’s a shock to all women. Many don’t understand what’s happening to them and feel embarrassed about their situation. As a result, they end up concealing it from their doctor, opening them to infection and other health complications.

When you don’t know what is wrong with you, the subconscious mind constantly feels uneasy. The feeling of malaise caused by not understanding the cause of the problem eventually metastasizes into anxiety and further mental health problems.


Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are huge problems in modern society, with hundreds of millions of Americans using anti-anxiety medication to help them deal with their problems. Stress from not understanding what’s wrong with you eventually manifests as anxiety, causing more strife in your life.



Some women can’t cope with high levels of stress and anxiety. The vaginal dryness also hurts their confidence, and we have the perfect recipe for depression. This mental illness requires immediate treatment to prevent the patient from spiraling out of control.

If left untreated and unmanaged, depression can lead to thoughts of suicide and self-harm. Letting yourself go through something like this isn’t worth it when you consider vaginal dryness is a common problem and easy to treat.


Feelings of Inadequacy

When women develop vaginal dryness, it affects them physically and emotionally. You might start developing feelings of low self-worth because you feel you can’t live up to your intimacy responsibilities in your relationship.

Or you might refrain from meeting someone due to the dryness causing pain during intimate moments. These feelings mount and eventually lead to the onset of anxiety and depression. If you feel depressed, anxious, or inadequate, seek medical assistance and counseling to overcome the issue.


Relationship Pressures

One of the biggest impacts of vaginal dryness occurs in sexual relationships. If you experience pain during sex, you’ll likely avoid it as much as possible. If you withdraw sexually from your relationship, it affects the mental health of yourself and your partner.

They might start thinking you’re cheating on them or they’re doing something that’s turning you off in the bedroom. If you don’t talk about it, eventually, you’ll end up estranged from each other. You could end up divorced or broken up because you can’t live with each other anymore.


Mood & Irritability

Vaginal dryness occurs due to changes in your hormone profile affecting estrogen levels. As estrogen drops, progesterone rises, causing a hormone imbalance. Our hormones determine our mood, and when estrogen is low and progesterone is high, it results in wild mood swings.

You could go from feeling happy to a complete rage if you encounter something that rubs you the wrong way. Vaginal dryness can increase irritability and mood swings. Dealing with the vaginal irritation and low estrogen can leave you feeling like you’re losing your mind.


Poor Sleep Quality

When you’re feeling stressed, and anxiety has your heart pounding in your chest, it’s pretty hard to get a good night’s sleep. You lie awake, sometimes for hours, before falling asleep. Your sleep is broken, and you wake up tired and groggy in the morning.

When you don’t sleep properly, you don’t get the time you need in the deep sleep and REM sleep phases. You can think of it as deep sleep revitalizing your body and REM sleep revitalizing the brain. When you have less of both, you exacerbate the symptoms we’ve discussed, pushing yourself closer to the breaking point.


Tension & Restlessness

When you’re stressed and anxious all the time, you increase tension in your body. Tension is the physical accumulation and manifestation of your anxiety.

It results in restlessness and the inability to focus, concentrate, and get things done in your life. When you are restless and anxious, it exacerbates your sleeping problem.


Mental Breakdown

Lack of sleep, increased anxiety, diminished confidence. Wow. It turns out vaginal dryness has a huge adverse effect on your mental and physiological health.

Those women who chose to persist without seeking medical help and counseling could end up going over the edge into a full mental breakdown. While it’s rare to progress this far, it’s the end result for those who choose to do nothing to help themselves.


Introducing Lubracil – The Natural Solution to Vaginal Dryness

You need a lasting solution to vaginal dryness. If you don’t qualify for HRT or can’t use it because it doesn’t agree with you, try Lubracil instead. This patented formulation relies on sea buckthorn extract to alleviate symptoms of dryness.

Lubracil contains SBO17, the most potent extract derived from sea buckthorn. SBO17 is one of the few natural ingredients in the world, including all four essential fatty acids, and it also has high concentrations of Vitamin E.

Lubracil is a soft gel capsule, and you’ll take two daily to help you deal with the effects of vaginal dryness. Follow this daily protocol, and you’ll see results fast.

The ingredients in SBO17 improve the health of the vaginal wall and tissues, reversing thinning and lubricating the vagina. Feel your mental health challenges and dryness disappear after two weeks of consistent supplementation with Lubracil.


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