When Lubricant Isn't Enough – Treating Chronic Vaginal Dryness

When Lubricant Isn't Enough – Treating Chronic Vaginal Dryness

Do you experience a burning sensation when peeing? Are you finding sex painful lately? You’re probably dealing with a case of vaginal dryness. There are several reasons for developing this condition, and we’ll cover all of them in this post.

We’ll give you practical advice on dealing with the effects of vaginal dryness, regardless of the source of the problem.


Vaginal Dryness – Why Is It Happening to You?

First, it’s important to understand that there are two types of vaginal dryness, menopause-related dryness, and non-menopausal-related dryness. Menopause is the most common cause of vaginal dryness. If you’re older than 45, it might be the cause of the problem.

Menopause lowers estrogen production by the ovaries and stops the cervix gland from secreting natural lubricants for the vaginal wall. This form of dryness is “chronic,” meaning it isn’t going away without intervention, whether medical or homeopathic treatment.

All other forms of vaginal dryness are “acute,” meaning that they temporarily affect the body. You’ll eventually recover your natural lubrication and restore your sexual health. An example would be dryness caused by childbirth and breastfeeding. The effects of dryness can last up to six weeks as estrogen levels recover and restore balance in the body.


How Women Treat Chronic Vaginal Dryness

So, how do women treat chronic vaginal dryness? The condition leads to severe irritation and itching, and many experience a burning sensation when peeing. Sometimes, the itch is so intense that women can’t wear underwear because it causes irritability.

Many women who are going through menopause decide to consult with their doctor on their treatment options. Most physicians recommend hormone replacement therapy to women struggling with the symptoms of menopause.

HRT involves using medication to replace the estrogen lost in your body. This introduction of exogenous estrogen has the same effect on the body as when the ovaries produce it. You get a full recovery from all your menopause symptoms and relief from vaginal atrophy and dryness.

However, the issue with HRT is that some women experience severe adverse reactions to the medication. Instead of making them feel better, it makes them feel worse, lowering their quality of life and well-being instead of improving it.

For these unlucky few, their only other choice is to try and boost estrogen levels naturally. So, how do you achieve this exactly? Is it possible to improve your quality of life in menopause without HRT medication?


Lubricants – The Go-To for Relief from Vaginal Dryness

Most women rely on lubricants to deal with the effects of vaginal dryness in menopause. Lubricants provide immediate relief from pain during sex; they moisturize the vaginal walls and vulva, making penetration less painful.

You have options for several lubricant products from grocery stores, pharmacies, online, and gas stations. It’s easy to find, and there are thousands of products on the market. We recommend avoiding lubes with flavors, textures, or warming features.

The ingredients used to create these characteristics in the lube are usually artificial and can increase irritation in women dealing with vaginal dryness. As a result, some women may have to resort to using natural lubricants.

Coconut and olive oil make good moisturizers, protecting the vagina from infection while relieving itching and irritation. Going natural has its benefits, preventing you from absorbing the artificial ingredients in recreational lubricants.


The Problem with Lubricants

The issue with lubricants, besides the inclusion of artificial ingredients, is that they don’t provide lasting results. You need to constantly replay them during sex or during the day. Lubes get all over your hands and clothes, and some require cleaning up.

Lubricants are also expensive, and adding a bottle of lube to your monthly budget becomes a costly annual expense for temporary relief. Eventually, estrogen levels drop so low that lubricants don’t have the same effect of reducing pain and tightness.


When Lubricant Isn’t Enough – Dealing with Daily Irritation

However, as estrogen levels get lower, tissues in the vagina and vulva tighten, making penetration painful, even with lubrication. So, women are forced to look for alternatives. Lubrication is hugely beneficial and relieves symptoms of dryness.

However, it’s not a long-term solution to your problem. It’s like trying to use a Band-Aid to plug a break in a dam. It works for a bit but eventually succumbs to the severity of the situation. You need a permanent, long-term fix for vaginal dryness; only one company offers such a solution.


Lubracil – The Answer to Chronic Vaginal Dryness

Traditional Chinese Medicine and many Eastern cultures rely on herbs to cope with the symptoms of menopause and vaginal dryness. Herbs like Black Cohosh are valuable in traditional treatments, and there are plenty of women around the globe using it to get the relief they need from dryness and pain.

However, there’s no scientific literature or studies pointing to herbal supplementation showing benefits for vaginal dryness. Most herbs rely on anecdotal user evidence to prove efficacy claims. However, there is one herbal preparation that can drive away dryness, and it has real science backing its mechanism of action in the body.

Lubracil is a revolutionary herbal extraction featuring sea buckthorn oil. Lubracil features the patented extraction “SBO17,” derived from sea buckthorn, giving you the highest potency of beneficial antioxidants, EFAs, and micronutrients in sea buckthorn.

However, Lubracil isn’t a cream or lube. It’s an oral supplement you take during the day with food. Two soft gel capsules per day are all you need to benefit from the four Omega EFAs in the formula, along with a potent dose of vitamin E.

These ingredients have a hydrating effect on the vaginal wall and improve vaginal and cervical secretions. You get a natural solution to dryness and lasting results. Most women see a huge difference in dryness after using Lubracil for two to three weeks.

Lubracil is the only natural remedy for vaginal dryness clinically proven to deliver results. SBO17 contains all the raw materials you need to keep your vagina happy, lubricated, and healthy. Experience it for yourself and watch your dryness become a distant memory.

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